Birthday Plan

In a few days time it’s my birthday and for the first time in my life I will be spending it by myself *sobs*.

Ironically my view in Café57 as I write this blog post!

It will be the first part of my trip where I am completely alone with no plan to meet up with anyone/a tour. But this is the whole part of travelling I’ve been anticipating so I’m really looking forward to jumping straight in (famous last words).

So far any alone time I’ve had has been either enlightening like in Hong Kong (jumping off a long haul plane to find the Big Bhudda) or awful (scary public transport to Xiamen or Hanoi airport closing at midnight) so I’m trying to be as organised as possible to build up my confidence again but I’m slowly learning to just expect the worst, that things often go wrong or are missold and I won’t be disappointed.

What I really fancy is some fresh sea air and sun. I’ve mainly had cold weather since I began this trip so I’m journeying down to Hoi An. I’ve been recommended a homestay/hostel called Under the Coconut Tree which looks reeeeally cool. However I’ve just read the weather report which says rain, ah well.

So I’m going to have a few days there and treating myself a custom made dress (or two) in the city. I’m looking forward to it but I anticipate I’ll have many thoughts of my loved ones back home. ♥♥

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