Saying goodbye…

I imagine a lot of people I know are thinking… hasn’t she left yet?? Well I finally fly out tomorrow morning and I feel extremely sick with nerves.

I’ve come to realise in the past few days that when you plan travelling alone you don’t have that extra someone to get excited with or to remind you of bits you need/have forgotten. I’m definitely missing that in this case, but on the bright side it will teach me to rely more on myself.

The first part of my ‘journey’ has been travelling back home to Milton Keynes to say my goodbyes to friends and family. I also had a long last minute errand list as well as two big-ish purchases.

ONE: I needed to find a camera (a good one but one I wouldn’t be too disheartened getting stolen).

TWO: The dreaded task of finding an affordable malaria tablet (Malarone) provider. I literally went round every pharmacist in a 3 mile radius with a checklist and questionnaire.

So say hello to my new camera:

Canon SX600 Powershot – It’ll do pig!

And the cheapest Malarone tablets were £1 each from Asda. I was able to get non branded ones and saved myself a lot of money. I still wouldn’t define them as ‘affordable’ though. But I’d rather pay the money than catch Malaria.

So it’s goodbye from me…

As much as saying farewell was a hard thing to do, I’ve actually had a lovely couple of weeks. It’s nice to remember that people care and to recognise the amazing support network I have. I’ve come to realise more recently that when you get into a busy work routine its natural to take everything for granted – now I don’t want to leave!!

Thank you all so much for your best wishes. See you in May 2015.







Picture 14



Picture 13

Willowbrook Cakes and Bakes
Willowbrook Cakes and Bakes

For anyone taking the time to get to the bottom of this post… if you email me your address at I’ll make sure to send you a postcard at some point on my trip. Adios!!

One thought on “Saying goodbye…

  1. Hi Anne its Kye, I just read this and I think its amazing what you are doing, im sure you will an exceptional time and the experience of different cultures to even the geographic surroundings will be a lasting memory, hope you have an amazing time and safe travels

    Kye x


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