Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city and is known for being very windy… sorry that’s as deep as my knowledge of Wellington gets. I’ll be sure to visit a museum during my stay here to make up for that.


This is one of my city blogs which usually means three things… admin, laundry and not much more, so apologies in advance. But in comparison to Auckland this city is amazing, there’s a much better atmosphere and a lot more to do tourist wise and it also for locals to enjoy – Mount Victoria for viewpoints, a harbour, nightlife, a bay/beach, museum, Lord of the Rings film locations and more.

We had 3 days with Amelia, who we stayed with in Melbourne (and lived with at Uni back in the day), is now working there temporarily so we checked into Trek Global hostel to stay with her! It’s so weird not seeing her for so many years since she moved to Aus and every time we meet up it’s like no time has passed at all. I’m sure it will feel the same in a couple months when I come home and see everyone again.

The first evening in Wellington we went out with the other kiwi experience guys that we’d met in River Valley, which turned into a fun night out… This was actually my first night out since I don’t know when because drinking is quite expensive. At this point we had a wonderful group of people.









The next day Bekki and I attempted to do some admin…laundry (yay clean clothes!) and trying to work out timings for the South Island and what activities we should do/can afford. There’s a lot to choose from… Glazier walks, horse riding, sky dives etc. For once the credit card is actually getting a lot of use! Watch this space!

That afternoon we went to Te Papa, the New Zealand museum. This is probably the best museum I have ever been to and it’s free! Everything is very interactive and educational!! Do not go to Wellington without exploring this place, especially if you want to learn more about the Mauri tribes and history of migration of British to New Zealand. Interesting stuff! I went around twice and I still didn’t see everything.

That evening we were treated to a real meal at Amelia’s workplace, a swanky little bar called The Hideaway. We had amazing cocktails here and discovered an LA ice tea (I must remember to Google the recipe)! This bar is a real hidden gem in Wellington and the food was to die for, I wanted to hug the chef for my steak and grilled cheese sandwich, fried chicken and triple cooked potatoes… I basically ate a heart attack on a plate but it was sooo good, it made a change from instant noodles.




On our last day in Wellington we booked a couple flights following New Zealand (sorry more boring admin). We’ve decided to do a week in Laos before Thailand so that’s sorted and I also purchased a flight to the Philippines. Annoyingly, to enter the Philippines I need a flight out… The question is where should I go? Home? Or… Japan????

Once everything was booked (and my credit card was begging me to stop over using it) we decided we needed to work off the calorific meal from the night before so headed towards Mount Victoria with the girls. It was a warm day… it was a long walk to the mountain and who was stupid enough to climb a mountain in a long sleeved top? Me. Idiot. I was a sweaty mess the whole way up. This trek was very steep to but totally worth it for the 360 degree views of the city, sea, airport and more!



Not enjoying the walk…



Tired girls?




That evening, after a well deserved $5 Domino’s pizza (£2.50 – barg) Harrison came to visit us. Harrison lives/is from Wellington and I met him in Koh Rong in Cambodia. It was great to see him again, catch up on travel stories and see how he’s been settling back into the real world.



That evening we just enjoyed our last evening with Amelia. The next morning at 6.45am we were back on the bus and onto the South Island. 🙂

See you in the summer Amelia!

Just like Uni times…



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