Why haven’t we left Ubud yet??

So I’ve finally ticked another off the travel bucket list. I stayed in a place I enjoyed one week – which is no big achievement in itself but personally it was nice to stay put somewhere a while because it does get tiring moving around so much and living out of a bag. There were so many things I liked about Ubud… the little streets, being able to walk around (even if the paths are a bit like a Super Mario game), the community of people doing yoga etc. But mainly, and it’s becoming a pattern, the people I met just made me want to stay longer.

The night before me and Steven were going to leave, we bumped into Nacho (not his real name), a Spanish guy from the Basque region and we’d met the night before via Pablo. This is where we also met Mel, Roshni and Eileen – all four are in Ubud for one month training to be worls accredited Yoga teachers, which I think is brilliant and really hard work!! The girls had just arrived that day and they joined us for dinner at a family owned restaurant called Wurung Garasi, a spot Steven had found recommended online (and ended up going to 3 times). I’m so glad we found it because it’s tucked down an ally way so it’s a rare find, but a hidden gem! The decor has push bikes on the wall, the window seats are vespa bikes and the tables are decorated with screws and bike parts – I’m sensing a bike theme here. 😉

Warung Garassi

The girls and Nacho had the next day free before starting their yoga training and kindly invited us to the beach, we couldn’t turn down a beach day especially when rain was forecasted the next few days! So with this in mind we cleared our schedule and stayed a few more days.

That evening Steven and I met a few more people for drinks and after a few Balinese rice wines (seriously in love with this local drink). I tried salsa dancing with the people in The Laughing Buddha. What’s good about Ubud is that nights out are still fun but the age range is from 18 to any age (I think the oldest guy i was sat with was 65) and it’s a really nice friendly atmosphere for all and the more the merrier. We were with people from Eygpt, Europe, America, Canada, Singapore and locals – great night with some friendly people.

So the following day I was up bright and early to meet the yoga girls for a day at the beach… sadly Steven did not make it due to the night before. We booked a taxi to take us to Serangan beach and back, a local had told me this should cost about 500,000 rupiah but Roshni being a lawyer and also being able to speak Indonesian got it got 400,000 (A girl after my own heart). It’s just over an hours drive plus the driver waits all day to take you back, so for £4 each it was a great deal and an even better day at the beach!


Suragan Beach in Bali


Steven showed up (finally) via scooter 45 mins before we’d plan to leave around 4. Steven was in a strop (again) as he’d been stopped and fined 250,000 on the way by a policeman. This happens a lot to westerners in Bali, they stop people for random reasons as they are aware most foreigners do not have an international licence so they exploit it and the cash you give goes straight into the pocket of the cop. However this doesn’t stop hostels renting out scooters without checking credentials or accepting a UK passport – somehow it’s all very corrupt but this is all over South East Asia.

Steven following us back to Ubud

The following day my foot was feeling better – I was walking properly! Yoga time! It would have been a shame to leave this place without doing the activity it’s famous for. This Yin Yoga class wasn’t what I expected… we practically just layed down and rolled about with polystyrene blocks and tennis balls in all sorts of places. It was more of different stretch exercises with a mix of a do-it-yourself massage. It wasn’t the yoga I was expecting but I did enjoy not having to do much… me and exercise still don’t mix!

Yoga Barn
View of Yoga Barn Retreat
Ready to start Yin Yoga!

After that, because I’d cleansed my ‘shukra’ as they call it, I thought it was fair that this happened.


This is why I will never be thin. This is at a café called Seniman Café – thanks Trip Advisor!

The following day Steven tried again and did a Vin Nasa Flow yoga class… now this was the kind of yoga I was expecting but was hard work for an hour and a half!!!!! Unfortunately I am not flexible at all to be doing some/most if the movrs and there was 70 people and one teacher. Far too many people to really learn anything.  But glad I tried some real yoga – this really made me appreciate what the yoga girls are doing because their classes are all day, 6 days a week… I couldn’t even manage a class.


We had planned to leave on the Sunday initially… which slowly kept extending itself to the Wednesday. A total of 8 nights.

We left Wednesday morning to do some time travel… we caught a Lion Air flight at 14.30 that arrived in Subaraya at 14.20! See you all in a few days to report on climbing Mount Bromo.

One thought on “Why haven’t we left Ubud yet??

  1. Interesting posts. I myself have never been fully explored Ubud, when I first visited Bali. But it looks like this place is a very attractive tourist sites to be explored. especially if you like things that are adventures and challenges. very nice. This interesting post. I like to read. nice.


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