Alex’s Birthday in Phnom Pehn

I rushed over to Phnom Pehn sooner than planned to suprise a wonderful girl on her birthday…

I met Alex in Hoi An on my birthday and she’s brightened up my trip (and life) in so many ways. So when I had the option of gatecrashing her swanky hotel for her birthday, how could I refuse?

I waddled over to the Harmony Hotel in my usual fashion… a backpack the size of me, rucksack on my front, sweaty, dirty, shorts and tee to this amazing clean foyer full of old couples and men on business… I seriously did not belong here! When they handed me a glass of orange juice on a tray my initial response was…thanks, but is it free?? Then the bell boy offered to carry my bags for me. Wow! I’m not use to this! But no need for that, independent woman and all that!

The look on Alex face was priceless, she had a great birthday but everything was down to Ellie who arranged this hotel for her including balloons, cake and more! I also appreciated spending the night in luxury, I’m so thankful that Ellie invited me to share this and a lovely evening.







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