A day in Hangzhou and a night in Moganshan


Between Beijing and Shanghai we had a stop off in the mountains,  we were looking forward to this as it meant fresh air following the Beijing smog.

Following 3 subway trains and a night train we arrived in Hangzhou at about 9am – straight away we left our luggage in storage and had some breakfast by a small street vendor where I had a pancake crepe with a spicy sausage – really weird and greasy but tasty!

We took the metro to Hangzhou’s most famous attraction, West Lake where we took a boat and had front row seats to an incredible water display.



I’m not going to sugar coat this day – Even though I’m cheery in photos I was in a really bad mood and was no fun to be around. The journey onto the night train was long with about 3 metro trains, and after sleeping on a train and dumping my heavy backpack I just fancied a shower – I was a sweaty mess, in yesterday’s clothes and my camera ran out of battery (hence why there is no pictures of the water display), if only I hadn’t lost my portable charger!!

We wondered around the town and visited another market which soon enough cheered me up. Nici and I got little friendship bracelets.


Looking back now I should have bought a few for a few more people (sorry Teresa! I’ll get you one in Australia, promise).


We then took what felt like another 10 different methods of transport to Moganshan where we would be staying the night. The most noteworthy transportation was the suicide bus of doom. This minibus drove up a mountain on a single carriage way with the standard bikes, skooters, vans etc and our driver decides to overtake everything even around bends where you cant see what’s coming round the corner. Let’s just say there were a few emergency stops back into our lane and only a few screams. Yes mum, I was wearing a seat belt.

Once we were in Moganshan it was getting too dark for a hike so we chilled out instead. Good idea! We went to the one shop in the area which was conveniently called ‘The Shop’ which was actually an old couples house. Inside you could see a room their bed in one corner, table in the middle next to a tv and a counter of food. We got two boxes of beer (30p a beer!) and were on our way.

The following day we were up bright and early for a bike ride. Once again my body struggled with early morning exercise but it’s nice to be on a bike again! Usually this bike tour ends with a swim in a lagoon however there was no water. Alas!


Bike ride over the guys then did a hike – I instead chilled out, attempted to play some guitar, and relaxed with Meg outside in the sunshine. This was really nice! Then we were off again back to the train station,  back on the bus of doom to get a bullet train to Shanghai.

To sum up Moganshan, it reminded me of the forests in the Twilight movie. Peaceful and Eerie – but very different from the mountains we’d seen in Yangshou. It would be an ideal getaway from the city. I wish we could have stayed longer as the hostel was very nice, town was simple and in the morning you could cook your own eggs!

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